Making a porchetta

One of the cooler things I got to do at Fleischer’s during my stay with Josh and Jessica is help bone out two porchettas.

For those who didn’t get a chance to go to Mark’s birthday party and don’t already know what a pochetta is, it is simply a whole pig that has had all of it’s bones removed except for it’s head, making a sort of floppy pig suit. The pig cape is then brined in salted water for two to three days along with the boneless loin (or loins) of another pig.

Once the pork has brined the pig is laid out on it’s back, the loin is put onto one side of the pig’s belly along with fennel tops, rosemary, thyme and garlic and then rolled up like a big porky joint. Once the pig is rolled and tied it is then strapped to a spit where it can be slowly rolled over a heat source like cherrywood logs or charcoal for hours, rested and then sliced, crossways.

Nose to tail eating in one dish!


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