Our Relationship to Narrative

Our relationship to narrative starts when we do, and come to think of it so does our relationship to food. We need both to live, not only to survive, but more importantly to grow. It’s a bird, it’s a plane please dear god eat you’re peas. As the band plays on we begin to lose sight of those stories, as quickly as we lose sight of the very food on our plate. There is work, and school, and play and we need fuel. Alarmingly, some have capitalized on this, moving tragically toward distortion, a cow living in confinement on a huge industrial farm becomes a 1$ burger, becomes a burglar, becomes a cartoon friend. Billions and billions served. No one asks why a sandwich made from an animal costs so little. But they will ask why a sandwich cost so much. We have decided to use this moment to take back this formula, recognizing that in order to work with holistic, sustainable, local farmers our burger will be 10 times more expensive. The idea is the plate is where it all happens. If we can work from taste backward, we get people to ask questions. Why is this the best tasting pork chop in the world? Sir William Angus farm raise Berkshire or Kurobuta pigs and are part of the <a href=”http://valleyfarmers.com/”>Valley Livestock Marketing Cooperative</a>. The family farm is in or, as implied on the VLMC website, is Craryville, NY. These pigs are raised all naturally, living a life of leisure, foraging and pastured for part of the time. This practice yields a darker, richer meat. Our farmers will become our icons, our ideas as openly displayed, engaging and complex as the dish in front of you. We are eating ideas.


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