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Honey in the hive

Nokia – HK Honey from The Silentlights on Vimeo. Advertisements

We Have Caviar

We selected a few types of caviar to cover the range of flavors, textures and pricing. Here is some basic information about the types we have- and also about other products we offer to accompany caviar. All of these will keep for up to 6 weeks before they are opened. Once they are open you … Continue reading

Our Relationship to Narrative

Our relationship to narrative starts when we do, and come to think of it so does our relationship to food. We need both to live, not only to survive, but more importantly to grow. It’s a bird, it’s a plane please dear god eat you’re peas. As the band plays on we begin to lose … Continue reading

Making a porchetta

One of the cooler things I got to do at Fleischer’s during my stay with Josh and Jessica is help bone out two porchettas. For those who didn’t get a chance to go to Mark’s birthday party and don’t already know what a pochetta is, it is simply a whole pig that has had all … Continue reading

Eva Crane: A Hero We Hadn’t Met Yet

“this curious passion for a small insect can transcend barriers of politics, race and language, and bring strangers together as friends” -Eva Crane There is something specially tragic or seemingly unjust in learning of a life only in the wake of its ending. For all our forays into the ever expanding and sadly now endangered … Continue reading

Why is there no Goat or sheep cheese in the Late Spring or Early Summer?

A fair question. Basically, it boils down to how far from the tree of their original wild mountain ancestors these animals fell vs. their bovine counterparts. Sheep and Goats (for the most part) only give milk when they are in season and lambing/kidding. That time is March through October. However, the first milk from the … Continue reading